‘But I Miss Him So Much’ – How To Stop Sadness And Grief

Your loved one is gone due to any reason. He stopped loving you, or he died. Anyway, he is gone forever and you need to manage with your loss. You live with graduating feeling of sadness and grief.You finished your therapy sessions and feel worse than when you started them. Your therapist claim that it is all normal to hold such painful emotions. You are taught that you must feel it all the time as it is a normal part of life.I wish to explain to you why those emotions are unhealthy and they are not beneficial to you at all. OK, remind feelings of grief and sadness. When you notice, they are painful and heartbreaking.You feel drained, guilty, lonely, helpless to your life. This is a huge loss. You prefer dying over facing the world with a courage again.Do you like what you feel for this moment? I don’t think so.People love positive emotions and happy life. Those emotions cut our wings, they hurt us. Do you see how your positive energy is flying away from your body when you remind the sadness?

If you feel it, you can notice that negative emotions are killing you! You have enough of this living situation. If you are ready and determined, take a challenge. You will succeed and you will take your situation under control.Let’s come back to the emotions of sadness. They are not pleasant for sure. What is the advantage of keeping those emotions inside of your heart?You got used to holding the sadness. Those emotions help you to get motivated and empowered to start healing process. Everything will be OK and you will gain control over your life.When you finally succeed, you will feel relaxed. You will feel safe, secured, empowered, high self-esteem, high self-worth as well. You will keep being content, enthusiastic about new relationships and a new life.The summary statement:
The sadness makes you feel relaxed, safe, secured, empowered, high self-worth. You are happy and enthusiastic about new relationships and a new upcoming life.Now, please, look at what the sadness is doing to you and to your life. You will discover that essential energy is missing to lead a healthy life. You are heartbroken, hopeless, guilty and shameful. You are missing something etc.Do you notice that there is toxicity over there?Feelings of sadness are like a bad evil that it is trying to lure you to the idea of giving up on life. This loss and unhappiness drain you down. You suffer from depression and you can start reconsidering killing yourself!Is it what you wish?! I don’t think so.Now, come back to the original summary statement and read it all over again. Reconsider feelings of sadness once again. You will find out something opposite than you thought at the beginning of the exercise.

I ask you: is the summary statement true or false?Then, you discover that those feelings are unhealthy and toxic. They create more damaging emotions that persuade you to give up on life and die. So this is all false!Do you still want to hold this untrue statement? Do you wish to remove it from your heart for good?If you decide to give it a try, please take your hand and place it over your heart.Then, say: I want to remove sadness from my heart now.Now, take a moment and notice how you feel inside. If you like all positive emotions, accept it if you like it. Now, you feel empowered, resilient with more emotional independence. The sadness and grieving are getting less in its power. You are able to take your life under control once again.What you have experienced now, it is the beginning of your self-growth journey.